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Who is OOK®?

The OOK® Picture Hanging brand is dedicated to manufacturing products that will hang and exhibit artwork of all sizes, shapes, and values. Whether it is at your home, a museum, or a difficult exhibition in the world of masterpiece artwork, we aim to offer a hanging solution for every possible surface. We pride ourselves on engineering and manufacturing the perfect hanging hardware solutions with the highest quality materials available.

OOK® prides itself in creating solutions for unique, high value, hanging challenges. Many of these new developments become important picture hanging innovations for both the professional and consumer alike.

At OOK®, we are not just dedicated to product development; but also to innovation throughout the entire supply chain, by searching for new ways to add value to the process and better serve our customers. From the smallest improvements to a $.99 picture hook, to the development of innovative patented hardware and wire, to offering hanging solutions for framing art of all sizes and shapes, OOK® continually strives to improve what already exists in a way that will be meaningful to our customers.

OOK® is constantly developing new products to provide solutions to the ever changing world of art and picture hanging. This discipline has allowed us to create important developments in packaging, merchandising, and distribution.

What is Ook

Since its inception, the OOK® brand has developed into a major supplier of picture hanging hardware and innovative parts within the retail hardware market. You can find OOK® in major home improvement retailers, traditional hardware stores, arts & crafts retailers, and grocery chains.

OOK® retail cards are color coded by category with unique upgrades that increase value to consumers and lead to higher dollar sales through the register. If you are interested in adding the OOK® brand to your business, or would like to find the nearest retailer that sells OOK®, please contact us at 1-800-800-4900 or by email at

Galleries and museums worldwide use OOK® when installing artwork. OOK® is the most trusted hanging hardware when it comes to safely and securely displaying artwork. Framing stores also seek out OOK® for their framing needs. If you are interested in ordering OOK® in bulk or wholesale please contact our OOK® Industrial division based out of Pompano Beach, FL at 855-270-OOKS (6657) or by email at

The OOK® Brand is now proud to be part of The Hillman Group, The OOK® brand's excellence in this specialty category strengthens Hillman's position of providing value-added products and services to home centers and hardware retailers. For more information on The Hillman Group, please visit our website at

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