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OOK® Picture Hanging Instructions

How to Hang Like A Pro

Hanging pictures is something everyone will do at some point of their life, so why not make it as easy as possible?

At OOK® we work very hard so you can get your art on the wall quickly, safely, without hurting yourself or your walls!

Most picture hangers are produced with a low grade metal that bends over time, OOK® picture hangers are produced with a "hanging lip" that is 20% more reinforced than the average picture hanger. The patented channels on the hook are designed in such a way that the lip will not bend and eventually give out over time. The nails go into the wall surface at an angle so no stud in the wall is needed. Please note that the hanging weight rated for each hook is per hook not cumulative which means that two 20 lb. hooks used to hold one frame will only hold up to 20 lbs., not double.

The average nail used to hang frames on the wall will drop with gravity as time passes creating a large hole in your wall. OOK® Blue Steel nails leave pin size holes in your wall surface which can be easily covered by painting over it. Please make sure to use the correct nail on your wall surface, OOK® has Blue Steel nails for plaster and drywall surfaces and Bendless nails for concrete and brick wall surfaces.

This section of the website will provide helpful information on what hanger to use and how to use it so that you can securely hang your artwork or frame up.

You can also check out our "how to" videos on YouTube at

How to Hang Heavy Objects

Your Walls Are Strong

Drywall is a surface that can handle a very large amount of weight, IF properly hung. The key to hanging heavy objects on drywall is using the right hardware on both the wall and the frame. OOK Heavy Hold Products are designed for professional, heavyweight challenges. The principle is to use the leverage of a small surface area in the back of the drywall. The more surface area, the more holding power. Additionally, the OOK Heavy Hold hangers employs a spiked shaft, that "nails" into the rear of the wall as well as the front. This provides for up to 300 lbs of holding power.

Renowned DIYer Norma Vally uses our OOK products and features our products in her book "Chix can Fix". The Toolbelt Diva herself came to OOK to show us how it's done!

Need some help? Check out our YouTube Channel featuring Norma Vally (The Toolbelt Diva).

Norma Vally Using OOK Classic Professional Picture Hangers - Video Tutorial

Norma Vally Shows Us How To Hang Heavy Objects:
300lbs on Dry Wall - Video Tutorial
160lbs using the OOK Big Shield - Video Tutorial

OOK Mirror Hanging InstructionsHow to Hang Mirrors

Mirror On The Wall....

Considering that mirrors are so very popular in so many homes, it is hard to explain why consumers do not consider more decorative ways to hang their mirrors. Still today the most popular way to hang mirrors is with small, decrative mirror clips. The OOK® mirror clips and hangers are easy to use and very strong. The most important aspect of hanging a mirror is leveling the mirror and locating the proper points to screw the mirror clip into. Once you have installed your first mirror, hanging mirrors will be a cinch. After all, perhaps your best work of art appears in those mirrors every time you look at one!

OOK® Mirror Clips

How To Hang a Mirror:

Tips: How heavy is the mirror? Get on the scale with the mirror, then subtract your weight.

1. On the back of the mirrors frame, measure and mark 1/5 of the distance from the top to bottom on each side. Then position the D rings and mark the holes. Drill pilot holes where you have marked, and attach the rings with screws. Make sure you attach this securely and tightly to the frame! Never over tighten, or you will end up cracking the frame. Use your judgment.

2. Insert the mirror wire through each D ring, leaving the wire snug between the two rings. Knot the wire around the hook or "D" of the D ring, and twist the excess wire to prevent it from unraveling and slipping.

3. Have someone help you position the mirror. Use a level to draw a light line across the wall at the top and/or bottom of the mirror. Mark the center of the line you have made, and measure to the left and right of that mark a distance that equates to 1/4 of the overall distance between the two rings. Draw two vertical (up and down) lines down from there.

4. Have your helper hold the mirror by the attached wire, holding it up against the vertical lines, marking where the molly bolts (anchors) will go. Again this is a two person job; do not try to do it yourself. This is nearly impossible. Measure the distance from the wire to the top of the frame. Transfer that measurement to the wall. Install the molly bolts with the hooks at the lower points.

5. Finally you can hang your mirror safely and securely.

6. Take a step back, and admire the job well done.

7. Small or lightweight mirrors can be hung just like any other picture. But if you have invested in a large heavy mirror, you need to take extra care in hanging it. This is especially true when hanging on drywall. Unless you are lucky enough to have a stud right behind where you are planning to hang it, there are steps you need to reinforce your mirror so it won't come crashing down! This is a two person job, so make sure you have someone available to help before you start.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us at 800-933-0163 or e-mail us at

OOK Brick Hangers How to Hang On Hardwalls

All You Need Are The Right Tools

In most parts of the world, hardwalls are the only building material used in homes. It is not a problem to hang on hardwall surfaces if you use the right products. The OOK® Concrete & Brick hangers with Bendless Nails are designed for just that purpose. The hangers employ the same professional design as the professional drywall hangers but are made of stronger steel and masonry nails. For hanging on bricks the OOK® Brick Clips are the perfect solution, indoors or out.

OOK Concrete and Brick Hangers

OOK Push N' Hang-it Hook How to Hang without Tools

Just Push & Hang-it!!

Since the 1960's, simple thin wire hooks have been in limited use. With the television promotion of the Hercules Hooks on, the item became popular once again. The best type of hook of this kind is the OOK® Push N' Hang-it. The Push N' Hang-it combines both the convenience of the wire feature eliminating the need to use tools or nails, with the patented face of the OOKShield hangers which includes a padded backing to protect your walls.

OOK® Push N' Hang It - Video Tutorial

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