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ReadyScrew D-Ring Hanger

OOK® ReadyScrew D Ring Hangers come with the screws attached to the hanger so that you do not have to hold the nails while hammering into the frame!
No more fussing with screws or hitting your hand with the hammer by accident!
Position the hanger onto the frame and hold the bottom of the hanger while you hammer into frame.

  • Never lose another screw!
  • For use on framed pictures that do not already have hardware attached.
  • Holds up to 20 lbs. Pound ratings are not cumulative, a set of hooks only holds up to 20 lbs.

Includes: ReadyScrew 1-Ring Hanger (10 hangers/screws); ReadyScrew 2-Ring Hanger (8 hangers/screws)

ReadyScrew D Ring Hanger

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