Picture Hangers

Picture Hangers

Picture Hangers

Made To Hang

From drywall to brick, triple-nail to nail-less, there’s a multitude of surfaces to hang things on, and even more ways to hang them – luckily we’ve got your picture-hanging needs covered.


Canvas Cleats

This two-part system’s attachments for the drywall and the back of the frame fit together to hang perfectly even, and perfectly secure. Learn More


Attaches to give flush, level, support on indoor or outdoor surfaces without using a stud, giving your heavy items heavy-duty support.

Conventional Hangers

Conventional Hangers

Designed for easy installation in drywall or plaster, these picture hangers help eliminate damage while offering strong support.


A new spin on our classic hanger, designed to save your fingers. Features a pre-threaded nail at a downward angle.

Hardwall Hangers


Provides the strength to puncture most surfaces and offer strong support for the item you’re going to hang without worrying about it bending.

Brick and Concrete

Designed with the same engineering elements as our Professional Hangers using OOK® Bendless Nails, engineered to penetrate any hard wall surface without bending.


The toughest walls need the toughest hooks. Extra-strong pins secure the durable plastic hanger in brick and concrete without chipping wall.

One-Step Hangers


Plastic base installs without wall damage, the pre-threaded blue steel nails protect fingers, and knobs on the nail make removal simple.


Easy to install and remove with minimal impact to wall – just tap the one piece nail and hanger into wall, and boom, you’re done.

Push Pin

Hanging lightweight decor? All your room needs is a push. Hang plastic push pins on the corkboard and drywall and remove with ease.

Picture Hanging


Made from our uniquely designed Dual Head screw to keep decor the perfect distance from the wall and get your hanging projects done fast.

Picture Hanger

Hang securely with this easy-to-install and easy-to-remove Picture Hanger that gives you the simple support you need for hanging any art.

Professional Hanging


Used in galleries and museums globally — and for good reason. Wide-based hanger hook secures into the wall using blue steel nails.

Professional Padded

Used in galleries and museums globally — and for good reason. Wide-based hanger hook secures into the wall using blue steel nails.


You can never be too careful with your priceless pieces of art. This hanger offers extra security to make sure your art stays hanging.


Shield Pro Hangers offer the ultimate support with a closing clip that leaves your priceless piece hanging in a museum or your dining room.

Specialty Hanging


These easy-to-install hangers slide right between the bricks to lock firmly in place – good for your fireplace or wall.


No canvas is too big, no canvas is too small – give yours the extra bit of stability it needs with our specialty hangers.


Positioned to hang decor with the support of the wall. Just push and twist hook into drywall. So easy, even a human can do it.

No Stud

No stud, no problem with these strong-holding hangers, designed to give you the strength you need to hold your art without needing a stud.

Plate Hangers

Each hanger features a 30lb limit, keeping your plates secure, while being super easy to install into drywall and plaster surfaces.


No need for pre-drilling holes, this self-drilling hanger does all the work for you, and of course keeps your wall decor firmly in place.