Frame-Back Hardware

Frame-Back Hardware

Frame-Back Hardware

Support Where You Need It Most

You may not see it, but you’ll love knowing it’s there, doing its job holding your frame right where it should be, or protecting your wall from any unwanted damage.

Bumpers and Pads


Attach a few bumpers to the back of any decor frame to create a buffer for your fragile decor and the wall to minimize damage.



Used in the corners of window frames, glaziers hold glass in place, making it easier to apply glazing, caulking, or other sealing compounds.

Ring Hangers


Make hanging a breeze with this uniquely designed hanger that holds the screw for you. Great for wood frames and canvases.

Ring Hangers

Easy-to-use hangers are great for securing small mirrors or pictures to walls and doors and easily mounts to the back of frames.

Screw Eyes

These small hooks are best for use in kitchens, craft projects, and hanging interior or exterior decorations.

Sawtooth Hangers


Great for wooden frame projects, this hanger easily attaches to your piece and offers multiple teeth for easy leveling.

ReadyNail® Sawtooth

Simple to install in the back of any wooden frame, pre-threaded nails allow you to mount your art without fear of smashing a finger.


Install these quickly and easily to the back of any wooden frame to get the perfect, level hang every time.

Specialty Frame Hardware

Keyhole Hangers

Designed for bulkier wooden decor, the contour of the metal frame creates minimal separation from the surface of decor for a stronger hold.