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Mirror On The Wall…

February 13, 2023

Considering that mirrors are so very popular in so many homes, it is hard to explain why consumers do not consider more decorative ways to hang their mirrors. Still today the most popular way to hang mirrors is with small, decorative mirror clips. The OOK® mirror clips and hangers are easy to use and very strong. The most important aspect of hanging a mirror is leveling the mirror and locating the proper points to screw the mirror clip into. Once you have installed your first mirror, hanging mirrors will be a cinch. After all, perhaps your best work of art appears in those mirrors every time you look at one!

How To Hang a Mirror:
Tips: How heavy is the mirror? Get on the scale with the mirror, then subtract your weight.

1. On the back of the mirrors frame, measure and mark 1/5 of the distance from the top to bottom on each side. Then position the D rings and mark the holes. Drill pilot holes where you have marked, and attach the rings with screws. Make sure you attach this securely and tightly to the frame! Never over tighten, or you will end up cracking the frame. Use your judgment.

2. Insert the mirror wire through each D ring, leaving the wire snug between the two rings. Knot the wire around the hook or “D” of the D ring, and twist the excess wire to prevent it from unraveling and slipping.

3. Have someone help you position the mirror. Use a level to draw a light line across the wall at the top and/or bottom of the mirror. Mark the center of the line you have made, and measure to the left and right of that mark a distance that equates to 1/4 of the overall distance between the two rings. Draw two vertical (up and down) lines down from there.

4. Have your helper hold the mirror by the attached wire, holding it up against the vertical lines, marking where the molly bolts (anchors) will go. Again this is a two person job; do not try to do it yourself. This is nearly impossible. Measure the distance from the wire to the top of the frame. Transfer that measurement to the wall. Install the molly bolts with the hooks at the lower points.

5. Finally you can hang your mirror safely and securely.

6. Take a step back, and admire the job well done.

7. Small or lightweight mirrors can be hung just like any other picture. But if you have invested in a large heavy mirror, you need to take extra care in hanging it. This is especially true when hanging on drywall. Unless you are lucky enough to have a stud right behind where you are planning to hang it, there are steps you need to reinforce your mirror so it won’t come crashing down! This is a two person job, so make sure you have someone available to help before you start.