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How to Make a Yarn Ball Wall Hanging

Charlotte (At Charlotte's House) February 21, 2023

When I first started blogging years ago, “hacks” were a big thing. Anthro hacks. Serena and Libby hacks. Essentially finding a way to DIY a cheaper imitation of something at one of these stores. I admit that finding ways to DIY things I love is still in my blood so I end up with random photos peppered throughout my phone of items I see that might be replicable. Two weeks ago I headed into the city to see my friends’ small space designs for Apartment Therapy. This wall hanging is the Lomas Wall Hanging displayed in Carmeon Hamilton’s space and can be found HERE. Note the price. Well worth it as her piece is a true work of art, but not the investment I want to make right now. DIY it is!

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