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Hang Like A Pro

February 10, 2023

Hanging pictures is something everyone will do at some point of their life, so why not make it as easy as possible?

At OOK® we work very hard so you can get your art on the wall quickly, safely, without hurting yourself or your walls!

Most picture hangers are produced with a low grade metal that bends over time, OOK® picture hangers are produced with a “hanging lip” that is 20% more reinforced than the average picture hanger. The patented channels on the hook are designed in such a way that the lip will not bend and eventually give out over time. The Nails go into the wall surface at an angle and the weight ratings are based on hangers nailed into studs and are for comparative purposes only. Choose a weight rating that greatly exceeds the object to be hung. Please note that the hanging weight rated for each hook is per hook not cumulative which means that two 20 lb. hooks used to hold one frame will only hold up to 20 lbs., not double.

The average nail used to hang frames on the wall will drop with gravity as time passes creating a large hole in your wall. OOK® Blue Steel nails leave pin size holes in your wall surface which can be easily covered by painting over it. Please make sure to use the correct nail on your wall surface, OOK® has Blue Steel nails for plaster and drywall surfaces and Bendless nails for concrete and brick wall surfaces.

This section of the website will provide helpful information on what hanger to use and how to use it so that you can securely hang your artwork or frame up.